“Vertical is a worthy successor to Sideways, and – like the first novel – it takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions, from sympathy and recognition, to worry, disapproval, and cringing embarrassment. It’s a good sign when an author manages to pack so many layers of humanity in a novel in which surprisingly little happens.”
~Wine & Words

“The scenes are a readers and director’s dream—some unbelievably funny and others deeply touching.”
~Oregon Wine Press

“Vertical: Passion and Pinot at times, had me laughing so hard, that I had to put the book down, pick up my phone and tweet: ‘My stomach hurts and tears are falling from laughing so hard.’ “
~Books with Dracaena Wines.com

“I just finally brought this book on my vacation and hung on every word–I loved Sideways but did not read thebook- only saw the movie. Every word and page was a realm of emotion and I loved the hell out of it. We have a trip planned to Oregon and this book will only make it that much more enjoyable.”
~Amazon Reviewer, Jennifer Vipond

“Great book! I am always wary of sequels, but this had the same depth and humor that I loved in Sideways. The evolution of the characters seemed exactly right. Totally recommend!”
~Amazon reviewer, Elizabeth Feeney

“Miles and Jack are now older, but in some ways, not so much. But their development during this novel— especially Miles’ development—is something that really gives it more substance than Sideways. Best of all, it all seems so realistic and possible—despite the amazing situations they find themselves in.”
~Amazon Reviewer

“Vertical: The Next Chapter of Miles and Jack It’s a great snapshot of the Willamette Valley – the wineries, the people, the tasting rooms, the scenery and the new pilgrimages that will begin because of this book. It’s also an introspective by Rex Pickett… He’s a great writer who brings the people, pinots and pathways truly to life.
~Amazon Reviewer, ofenloch

“When Sideways Goes Vertical – It’s a Good Time
I loved this book and I am not a huge fan of the original movie Sideways. This book takes you on a roller coaster of emotions. Vertical: Passion and Pinot touches on a lot of sensitive issues. The story line involves alcoholism, stroke, and end of life decisions. Yet, somehow, Rex Pickett lets you know it will all be ok. It’s ok to be sad and its ok to laugh. PLEASE MAKE INTO MOVIE!!! “
~Amazon Reviewer, lodolphin

“Vertical—Miles Grows Up, Maybe. As a lover of wine stories, I would definitely recommend picking up the latest version of Vertical: Passion and Pinot on the Oregon Wine Trail.”
~Amazon Reviewer, pinotcanoz

“Wow! Vertical is written so deftly, you as the reader feel as if you’re actually on the Oregon Trail with Miles, Jack, Phyllis, and Snapper…While at times hilarious and outrageous (the spit bucket scene from Sideways has nothing on what goes on during the International Pinot Noir Celebration), Vertical is also staggeringly poignant and introspective, and takes on a variety of difficult topics… Five stars for Vertical!”
~Amazon Reviewer Vongalude

“Amazing Road Trip The best thing about the book is the emotional voyage that you go on and it is a spectacular read.
~Amazon Reviewer

“Loved it I loved Sideways & have watched the movie more times than I’d like to admit, but that’s not why I gave Vertical 5 stars. From the first page, it had me hooked. It was fast-paced, well written – I didn’t want to put it down. Even if you aren’t a wine lover, you’ll appreciate the dynamic characters and story.”
~Amazon Reviewer, Misty M.

“Poignant and moving and still lots of wine! Many of our favorite characters from Sideways, but now the true focus is on Miles. Twists and turns you might not see coming. My favorite of the series. Was sorry to finish it!”
~Amazon Reviewer, Anne Van Dusen

“It is a good and unpredictable read—and a novel not just for the wine world—or even just for Oregon. Vertical: Passion and Pinot on The Oregon Wine Trail is a winner.”
~Amazon Reviewer, Chris D.

“As a lover of wine stories, I would definitely recommend picking up the latest version of Vertical: Passion and Pinot on the Oregon Wine Trail.”
~BC Wine Trends

“… Vertical … is probably better than Sideways—more outrageous and more fun,”

“You may just forgive Miles for the insanity that ensued during the first 381 pages while you continue laughing at Pickett’s incredibly entertaining, well-written story.”
~Grape Experiences.com

“On the question of whether this book should be made into a movie… Yes!”

“… there is a more heartfelt, relatable element that builds strength through the book. If you start this book, be sure to finish it because the transition near the end is powerful.”
~Jill Barth

“Vertical is written so fluidly and wittily. At once you as the reader are pulled right in, …You cannot help but feel that you and the author are in an animated conversation about life. I recommend.”

“The story is filled with humorous and surprising situations that will leave the reader satisfied and filled with pleasure. So whether you’re vertical or sideways, you’ll be sure to love this new sequel by Rex Pickett!”

”The novel is less about being an oenophile and more about one man’s effort to come to grips, in an entertaining and commercial fashion and yet also honestly, thoughtfully and sometimes painfully, with the fundamental currents of his life: his mother, his best friend, women, sex, relationships, drinking and writing. In this respect, Vertical is a success.”
~ Kevin Nelson, Wine Travel Adventure

“The good news is that Miles and Jack are back in the saddle—and this time taking their antics to Oregon.”

“While there are still wild shenanigans … the real focus is the mother-son relationship and Miles’ developing sense of maturity and responsibility. Pickett’s dialogue will have you groaning and laughing: verbose, boasting, and filled with ‘did you really just say that?’ “
~Wine Tasting Bliss

“Vertical: Passion and Pinot on the Oregon Wine Trail has moments of humor, mostly awkward, where you find yourself cringing as you laugh. But as the miles press on and Miles sobers up, clarity comes. By the last chapter, you’ll understand why you cringed your way through the first 34, and you may even find yourself feeling a little more sober too.”
~Marc Supsic’s Wine Books

“Five Stars…a great book If the world loved Sideways (and it apparently did—hardly a wine article goes by without mentioning it), then the world will cherish Vertical: Passion and Pinot on The Oregon Wine Trail. Like the proverbial maturing wine, this novel comes of age in its on special way.”
~Amazon Reviewer

“Five stars … Better than Sideways This novel is not only as engaging as the original, but in many ways, it is better. A feat, as I said, I thought was not possible. Pickett’s ability for dialogue, for creating funny scenes, for creating touching scenes, and for holding my interest throughout the novel (it actually moves fast), is well intact.”
~Amazon Reviewer