Blurbs and Endorsements

Mind On The Vine Ireland  5starsweb

“The book is a melting pot of great things, it’s funny, sad, poignant and uplifting as they go on the road to the International Pinot Noir Celebration in Oregon….The best thing about the book is the emotional voyage that you go on and it is a spectacular read……It’s well worth buying and hopefully, it’s made into another movie.”

Oregon Wine Press  5starsweb

“The scenes are a director’s dream—some unbelievably funny and others deeply touching

Dallas Wine  5starsweb

Vertical Passion and Pinot is poignant – anyone who has had to deal with the loss of a parent, watching a friend go down a dark path, dealing with alcoholism or making bad decisions leading to the loss of someone you loved – will see this is more than two wild and crazy guys on a last rampage.

Wine Travel Adventure/i>  5starsweb

”The novel is less about being an oenophile and more about one man’s effort to come to grips, in an entertaining and commercial fashion and yet also honestly, thoughtfully and sometimes painfully, with the fundamental currents of his life: his mother, his best friend, women, sex, relationships, drinking and writing. In this respect, Vertical is a success.”

SeanMunger.com  5starsweb

“… Vertical is probably better than Sideways, more outrageous and more fun,”

GrapeExperiences.com  5starsweb

“I loved discovering another side of Miles as his relationships with Jack, Joy, and his Mom progress; the conclusion is poignant and fitting. You may just forgive Miles for the insanity that ensued during the first 381 pages while you continue laughing at Pickett’s incredibly entertaining, well-written story.”

WineWalkabout.com  5starsweb

“On the question of whether this book should be made into a movie… Yes!

L’Occasion.com – A Reason for Wine by Jill Barth   5starsweb

“There is a more heartfelt, relatable element that builds strength through the book. If you start this book, be sure to finish it because the transition near the end is powerful.”

WineLaLa.com  5starsweb

“Vertical is written fluidly and wittily. At once you as the reader are pulled right in, hence the lack of investment time to ‘get into’ the story…… Two friends bonding over wine, sharing the crazy, the sad, and everything in between over a glass or five of Pinot Noir. I recommend!”

BuyWine.com  5starsweb

“The story is filled with humorous and surprising situations that will leave the reader satisfied and filled with pleasure. So whether you’re vertical or sideways, you’ll be sure to love this new sequel by Rex Pickett!”

DracaenaWines.com   5starsweb

“The book takes you on a ride, not just in the car with Miles and Jack but in your feelings. If you can read this book and not assess your personal relationships with your family, I will be completely surprised.”

Vino-Sphere.com – TOP 3 Wine Books of The Year  5starsweb

“The good news is that Miles and Jack are back in the saddle, this time taking their antics to Oregon….a great read.”

The Sommelier Update  5starsweb

“If you are a fan of Sideways, check out this sequel. I hope that they will consider a sequel to the movie, and we can all watch Miles and Jack in their glory again,”

BC Wine Trends  5starsweb

As a lover of wine stories, I would definitely recommend picking up the latest version of Vertical: Passion and Pinot on the Oregon Wine Trail.