Get to know us…

Tim Moore serves as the founder and president of Loose Gravel Press, a small independent publishing firm which focuses on American novels and specific trade books. Galvanized by the seismic changes in publishing in the past decade, Loose Gravel Press first partnered with Santa Monica based writer Rex Pickett, author of the novel Sideways, to publish Pickett’s novel Vertical, initially released in 2011, then re-releases under the title Passion and Pinot on the Oregon Wine rail in 2016. Loose Gravel Press utilizes an array of talented independent contracted editors in the review of submissions, which may be made directly to this web site. Moore began his career as a reporter at The Chattanooga News Free Press and later worked for several national publications, including The Austin American Statesman, The Baltimore News-American, Newsweek, The Washington POST and Atlantic Monthly Press. In his business entrepreneurial adventures, he bgan a food company in New York in Bloomingdales and Macy’s which was eventually obtained by Beatrice Foods. He also is chairman of the Environmental food Group, an Atlanta based Restaurant Company which operates Terra Terroir, an eight time Wine Spectator Award Restaurant.

Tim is an avid runner, golfer and wine advocate. He and his wife Mary and their three children split their time between New York and Atlanta.